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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Octodogs - Kids in the Kitchen

Octodogs make lunchtime fun for kids and little work for Mom!  You can serve a variety of things with it, today we chose ramen noodles. Jaylyn (8) can cook ramen noodles by herself and she helped by doing these. The girls thought the ramen looked like water. (If we had added green food coloring, it would have been great seaweed!)

Here are your directions:

For each octodog, use a paring knife to make a cut lengthwise - all but about an inch.  Turn and make 3 more cuts lengthwise for the tentacles. I do realize that this actually makes a Hexadog, but it doesn't sound as cool! :)  IF you use jumbo sized hot dogs, you can get 4 cuts in, making 8 tentacles.  Bring a pan of water to a boil.  Drop the hot dogs in and cook for 5 minutes or so until it's heated good.  The tentacles will curl up while it cooks. If you don't mind your child being close to the stove, let them watch - it's almost magic!

Prepare your side dishes.  Use tongs to lift your octodogs by the head from the water. (careful with the legs - THESE don't grow back! lol )  Set on your plate letting the tentacles curl around.  Use mustard to make eyes. (you can get really creative dressing them up)

Fun!  Easy!  Your kids will think you're AWESOME!

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