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Friday, October 2, 2009

Italian Red Pepper Bruschetta

When we were discussing our choices of what to make for Kids in the Kitchen, McKay (13) suggested making this Bruschetta he had seen in a Taste of Home magazine. I LOVE Taste of Home...  I've found some really good recipes there, and even better, I love to just thumb through the pages and look at the pictures. LOL!  I told McKay he could try it, but we probably wouldn't list it with the Kids in the Kitchen recipes. It is quite a bit more involved than I wanted our Kids recipes to be.  McKay did this pretty much by himself.  I only gave clarification & a little advice.  It is WONDERFUL!

I can't post the recipe, but you can find it on this page at Taste Of Home .  We made a few changes.  These were:  we used french bread instead of italian,  We didn't have fresh basil so we used dry. (it was yummy, but would have been even better with fresh!), we also used regular slicing tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes. (it's what we had on hand. :)

This bruschetta (you can find a great description & history of bruschetta here ) is relatively easy to make, and the flavors blend wonderfully.  It will become a favorite fall tradition at our house. (mainly fall because I can have red peppers, tomatoes, and most herbs out of the garden then!)

Give it a try...  and let us know if you love it like we did!

This picture is just before it was baked.  Mmmmm!

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