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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Menu Planning Week Three

Grrr!  This weeks menu was really hard to make myself plan!  There are a few things I have on hand that I need to use; fresh mushrooms, potatoes, whole wheat tortilla's.  It did help to know Tuesday was soup night and Friday or Saturday could be pizza.  Monday of this week was a holiday & we had leftovers from Sunday.  YUMMY Sweet & Sour Chicken & eggrolls.  I think I have a workable menu.  Lots of chicken dishes though.  But that's what I have a lot of on hand right now.  :)   Here's the plan:

Menu February 15-21

Monday -  leftover's from Sunday; sweet & sour chicken, fried rice, home made eggrolls
Tuesday - Chicken & Homemade Noodles over mashed potatoes, fresh fruit salad

Wednesday - Yaki don Buri (a Japanese dish using egg, chicken, mushroom, green onion) served over rice

Thursday - Chicken Enchilada's (using half of the whole chicken cooked for dinner Tuesday)

Friday - Homemade Pizza.  McKay got a Pizza cookbook for Christmas & he found the most delicious crust and sauce recipe there!  That's the one we'll make.

Saturday - Hamburgers w/ home made buns, oven fries, fruit salad

Sunday - Seasoned Pot Roast w/ potatoes, carrots & onion, Corn, Jello Salad

Breakfasts will include:  eggs & toast, french toast or pancakes from the freezer

Snacks will include:  leftover sugar cookies, graham crackers & milk, no-bake cookies, cheese & crackers.

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