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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garlic Green Beans

What to do with a few LARGE handfuls of fresh green beans?  We love this easy way to prepare them.  I especially love that I don't need to snap them.  I just snip the ends!  We like them fairly tender, probably to the point that some feel they're overcooked.  :)   Check them every few minutes to see if they're at the point YOU like them.  If you LOVE garlic, go ahead and throw in a few more cloves.   Mmmmmm!

Garlic Green Beans

A couple of good handfuls of fresh green beans
a few tablespoonfuls of olive oil
2-4 cloves of garlic, sliced or minced
salt & pepper

 Heat oil in large skillet.  Add garlic and saute' just a minute to flavor the oil.  Add green beans and cook over medium-medium high heat stirring occasionally to keep garlic and beans from burning.   If you'd like the beans to be very tender, put a lid on your pan & they'll soften up faster.  After about 10 minutes, test to see if the beans are done to your liking.  If not - continue cooking until they are.  If so - serve them up hot!  

I can't wait until our garden is producing!  The green beans I used tonight came in our Bountiful Basket food co-op order Saturday.  They were good.... but nothing beats freshly picked and cooked within minutes!


  1. i had great success freezing my beans just like that last year. I just wash them, blanch them and freeze them. I don't like them snapped at all. yeah, i probably pinch the ends.

    this is my favorite way to have them!!

  2. Beans are one thing I've never tried freezing. I just pressure mine. I'll bet the fresh taste would be wonderful though! Maybe this is why I have 3 large freezers in my garage, eh? :)