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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Fare!

Holidays are always a fun time to add excitement to your family!  Some years I make a bigger deal out of them than others, especially smaller holidays like St. Patrick's Day.  Maybe if we had some Irish lineage, we'd be more inclined to Corned Beef and Cabbage (which we tried last year and with a huge fail from the family) but as we're Danish and Scottish, we lean more to celebrating with "color" and theme.

This year I'm being a bit lazy.  I THOUGHT about doing green shamrock pancakes for breakfast....  but mornings have been tough lately and I'm on day 2 of a headache, SO....  I'm settling for Lucky Charms and green tinted milk.  Can't you just picture how festive the table will look with the green milk AND a leprechaun!

My lunch crew tends to prefer peanut butter sandwiches - and are too young to understand the holiday anyway so I'm off the hook there.

Dinner will be our main festivity and will include:

Shepherds Pie (which IS a common Irish dish)
Green Beans with Basil
Lime Jello with Pears
Lime KoolAid

and for Dessert:

Oreo-Crusted Mint Chocolate Chip Pie

If I get ambitious, I might have Dave stop and pick up some chocolate gold coins to decorate the table or to hide under plates or napkins.  

I'd better go hunt for something green to wear.  My kids aren't as afraid to try pinching me as I was to pinch MY Mom.  She always told me she had green eyes and that counted for her green.  I never dared question her!  (I'm still not positive her eyes are green, more hazel or blue actually - but I won't go and try pinching her this year either. lol )

If spring is going to be slow coming this year - we'll at least enjoy this one GREEN day!

Happy St. Patrick['s Day!


  1. I just read a funny tip to sneak green food coloring in the bottom of the bowl before you pour cereal in. Let the kids watch the milk magically turn green as you pour it on the cereal.
    Also, let's talk about how you do corned beef and cabbage....

  2. Fun idea Carla!

    *I* liked the corned beef and cabbage. The kids and even Dave tried it but were not impressed. I had to eat all the leftovers myself. lol Do you have a good suggestion for me to cook corned beef that my kids might appreciate more? Love new ideas!

  3. We're going with Lucky Charms too! Then green rice krispy treats & maybe some soft pretzels with green salt crystals. For dinner... pot of gold soup (Broccoli cheese soup in bread bowls). Somehow all my festive planning turned out to revolve around food!

  4. Joy, I just love your cute ideas. I actually hadn't even thought about doing anything, but you've just inspired me--- I can at least do green milk! Hope your headache gets better! That must be awful!