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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Roasted Parsnips

My Dad grows a beautiful garden!  Every years since I can remember he has planted all the basics for our area and then a few less common vegetables.  One of those I love is parsnips.  If you've never heard of a parsnip, there's a wealth of information on the internet.  A quick explanation is that parsnips are a member of the carrot family, they are much more sweet, and a white color.  Parsnips can "winter over".  You can begin harvesting in the fall after the first frost, but you can leave them in the ground and dig in the spring as the ground thaws as well.   They sweeten more with the frost.  Dad usually digs his in the spring.

These parsnips have wintered over and are a bit large.  Ideally they'll be the size of a large carrot.

Mom always fixed parsnips by peeling, cutting in large chunks, and boiling until almost tender.  Then she would cool them, slice, and fry them in butter.  They were delicious!  I found I liked them just as well by boiling and then adding a little butter before serving.  I'm a lazy cook I suppose.  We love roasted vegetables and parsnips work well for roasting!

Parsnips are full of nutrients!   We may be past the season for parsnips to be found in the store, but if you're planning a garden this summer, you may want to plant a small row of parsnips and give them a try!

Roasted Parsnips

Peel and wash desired amount of parsnips
Cut parsnips into thick strips about 2-3 inches long

Drizzle a few tablespoons of olive oil on the parsnips, spread them out on a cookie sheet, salt with course sea salt, and put in a 400 degree oven (give or take 25 degrees) until they are tender.  Approximately 20 minutes.   Enjoy!

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