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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen: Food to Play With or Food Art

We live in Idaho.  Our small school still has a 2 week break in the fall for Spud Harvest.  (Potato Harvest for those less familiar with our famous potatoes!)  Quite a few of the teenagers are able to help with harvest, some working at the cellars or in the fields, and others helping babysit younger children while parents work.  I've worked my share of harvests and there is nothing like the earthy smell of freshly dug potatoes.  

This harvest I am not working and I have several children and a couple of grandkids who need activities to stay busy.  This morning we decided to do mosaics.   

Here's my cute crew starting their projects.


School glue or tacky craft glue
construction paper or cardstock

Various dry kitchen ingredients such as:   pasta, dry beans, popcorn, rice, etc.

I like to fill a large muffin tin with a variety of pasta and beans.  I just go through the cupboard and see what we have to work with.  

Let your child draw a design and then outline it with glue.  I outline smaller portions so the glue doesn't dry before the decorations are added.

I thought the 3 younger kids would have the most fun with this but my two older girls at 11 & 13 years old had a lot of fun doing their designs as well.  

What a fun activity for a fall afternoon!    
 Here's a sample of our artwork!

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  1. Looks like they had lots of fun and did a really good job.