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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quick Cinnamon Sugar Donuts!

At least once a year we make delicious homemade doughnuts. (these are not those!)  YUMMY!  The dough is made from scratch from an old recipe and cutting out and letting them rise, all take time.  Sometimes we want the fun and deliciousness of a homemade donuts without the time and work!  (the original from scratch ones are best hands-down, but there work in a pinch!)   Tonight we had fish taco's for dinner using deep fried fish nuggets.   Since I'd already have oil out and splatters from that I decided to make these quick Cinnamon Sugar Donuts for dessert!

My husband was already planning to press apple cider this afternoon and these warm, sugary donuts went perfectly with a fresh glass of cider.  I posted a few years ago about our homemade cider press and cider pressing day!  You can find that post HERE.  

The ingredients and method for these are so simple!  If you don't love cinnamon, just leave it out and have Sugared Donuts.  Simple!

Quick Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

* can of cheap refrigerator biscuits - these are the 10 pack of the least expensive biscuit dough found in the refrigerator section.  I got the store brand today and they were 2/$1.

*3/4 C. sugar
*1 tsp. cinnamon

*oil enough to fill your pan to at least 2 inches deep

Heat your oil to 350-375.  Open can of biscuits.  Pull each piece of dough to flatten it a little and then pull a small hole in the middle.  Slide the dough into the hot oil.  When the bottom is golden, turn the donut and cook until the second side is the same color as the first.  Remove donut from oil and set on a paper towel to drain.

Mix the sugar and cinnamon.  As each donut cools, roll it in cinnamon sugar and place on a plate until all are ready to serve.   Serve fresh and warm.  

An eager donut tester!                  

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