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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Treats for my Sweeties!

I just LOVE Valentine's Day!   I love baking and doing nice little things for my husband and the children. I bake and do nice things throughout the year, but it is fun to have a theme for it once in a while!   Some years I have more time than others to do treats and sweet things.   This year I found this cute candy/cookie mold on clearance and thought I'd give it a try.  How can you go wrong with chocolate and Oreo's?  I mean really?!

You can order one of these on the Wilton website.  Hearts Cookie Candy Mold  is what it's called and it's very inexpensive.   The mold does 8 cookies at a time.  It takes maybe 45 minutes to chill them enough to turn out and do the next set.

I used some red candy melts to add the accent colors and then I just melted some of my 10 lb chocolate block I got for holiday candy  making and melted for the rest.  Candy melts are easy to use, but I love the dipping chocolate best if I need plain, delicious, milk chocolate.

I melted my chocolate in a glass bowl in the oven.  Just turn the oven on to 300 degrees and once it warms up, turn it off and put the chocolate in.  Check every so often to stir and see how close it is to melted.   My first batch took about 20 minutes or so to melt.   

It does NOT work well to put the bowl in the oven while it heats.... just in case you sit down at the computer and forget to turn it off once it's reached temperature! If your chocolate melts at too high of a temperature it goes thick and can be lumpy and you may just have to salvage it by dipping banana slices in as best you can and eating them while they're still warm.  Personal experience speaking here.  

So to do these you will:

  • Use a squeeze bottle to outline the heart shape with red candy melts if desired, or skip this step.
  • Add about 1 T. of melted chocolate to each mold.
  • Tap mold tray lightly on the counter to settle bubbles out.
  • Press an Oreo cookie into the chocolate until they're close to level with the top of the mold.
  • Refrigerate until chocolate is set firmly - about 30 minutes.
  • Turn out onto a sheet, twisting the mold very gently or press gently on the front of each mold to loosen cookies.  (If they don't pop out easy - chill a few more minutes)
  • Keep in cool, dry, place until ready to enjoy!

My daughter is taking these to share with friends at school tomorrow. At least I hope she's planning to share with friends, she asked for 18-20!

If you don't have time to find the mold and do these this year, now is a great time to order a mold to have on hand for next year!

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  1. Wow! These look so pretty and with the cookie they must be yummy!