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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Bowl of Bread and Milk

When I was young, our Saturday or sometimes Sunday evening meal would be a bowl of bread and milk. If it was summertime and the garden was on, Mom usually served radishes and green onions with it. I loved hearing Dad talk about eating bread and milk when he was a boy. Ahhhhh.... a delicious connection with the past. We don't always use bread and milk for dinner. Most often for us it's a snack or for myself, a breakfast. I had to chuckle when we took our dd18 to college, she was a bit nervous about getting to know her roommates. I spoke with her on the phone the next day and she said "Mom, I think I'm going to like Ashlynn, I saw her eating bread and milk." :)

If you've never treated yourself to this simple dish, here are the directions:

Break a slice or two of bread (I prefer home made white, but any will do) into a nice, large cereal/soup bowl. Pour milk over the bread and then drizzle with honey. Enjoy a simple and satisfying meal or snack. YUM!

1 comment:

  1. I remember eating this with Grandma and Grandpa Lyon! I loved it. Grandpa still eats it at least once a week!