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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Smooth and Creamy Pear Jello Salad

Yesterday was my birthday!  It is tradition at our house, that you choose your own birthday meal. (We also have a couple of fancy plates the birthday person gets to choose from.  They are from the dollar store but you wouldn't believe how much we look forward to this tradition!) I chose ham, scalloped potatoes (my Mom's recipe - it is THE best!), corn, and this Smooth and Creamy Pear Jello Salad.  Lucky Mom that I am, I got to fix my own dinner too!  LOL!  (I'm sure many others of you Mom's out there share this priviledge. lol )  My sweet daughter Audra made my cake.  Chocolate with chocolate frosting. I should have taken a picture. YUMMY!  Thanks Audra!

I'm just featuring this Pear Jello Salad today.  It is absolutely wonderful.  It would work nicely as a light dessert as well.  I could eat a whole batch by myself.  I don't, but I could.  Just so ya know. ;o)  I used Lime flavored jello this time, but you could easily use a berry flavor.  Pears go well with most flavors.

You'll want to start this several hours before you need it.  It can be done the day before and holds really well.

Smooth and Creamy Pear Jello Salad

1 small package jello  (lime, raspberry, strawberry all work well)
1 large can of pears, drain and reserve the juice
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
8 oz. Cool Whip

Bring 1 C. of the pear juice to a boil.  Dissolve the jello in it.  Refrigerate until it starts to thicken. (not too long or it won't mix in well!)  Mix the cream cheese and pears in the blender until fairly smooth.  Stir into the jello.  Fold the jello mixture with the Cool Whip and pour into an 8x8 dish if you want to serve it in squares, or any quart sized dish if you just plan on spooning it out...  and chill until set.  Cut into squares to serve or just spoon out of the dish.

I'm pretty sure this will be served in Heaven.  :)  For sure I'm choosing it again for my birthday next year.

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