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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Food Co-op Challenge day 3

For dinner we had Turkey Vegetable Soup.  From our Co-op basket I used:  squash, potatoes, celery and a little tomato.  Turned out yummy!  It's one of those dump and stir recipes.  Never turns out the same way twice.

We are also using up the last of our strawberries.  They taste so good fresh I hate to make them all into jam or freeze them!  So as a side for dinner we had strawberries with fresh yogurt dip.  I used about 1 C. of plain yogurt, 3 T. brown sugar & a dash of vanilla.  Mix it up a few minutes early so the sugar has a chance to dissolve.   We used homemade yogurt that I made from dry milk - no fat at all.... tasted terrific and healthy to boot!  Can't beat that!

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