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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Food Co-op Challenge!

A few months ago a friend alerted me to Bountiful Baskets food co-op.  Boy do I owe her a good turn!  Every 2 weeks I get to pick up a laundry baskets worth of fresh fruits and vegetables.  That basket is heaping full every single time!  I pay $15 (plus a little handling fee) for this pleasure...  and it IS a pleasure!  (The picture above is 2 baskets worth)

The next 2 weeks I'm going to track on here how I'm using my produce from this basket.  I'll list what I received today.  A lot of our produce we just eat simply - sliced apples, steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, etc.  If I use it in a recipe to share - I'll post that here as well.  (Such as tomorrow we're having Strawberry Shortcake - I'll post my recipe for our method of that & the recipe for the cake we use.)

This week I bought 2 baskets.  One basket is supposed to work for 4 people - we keep running short by the time the second week rolls around.  Some items need to be used right away, some will keep several days.  We were also offered flats of strawberries at a terrific price - I got 2 of those (which ended up being 4 smaller flats)...  and they are YUMMY!!!   We've already eaten 2 lbs.  :)

Here's this weeks haul!.... (what was in each basket)

1 bunch of celery
2 heads of broccoli
5 lbs potatoes
large head of leaf lettuce
4 mexican squash (like zucchini)
4 large tomatoes
4 artichokes
1 lb of strawberries
3 lb bag of apples
12 tiny little clementines
10 bananas
5 mangos

I think that was it.   Plus all the strawberries for jam and a gallon of olive oil.  Isn't that a fabulous deal?!

I'll keep you posted on our tasty menu using our delicious produce!!!     (and I welcome any ideas for this menu as well!!!  Please share!)


  1. You got artichokes!!??!! I'm so jealous :)

  2. You didn't? I am so excited... I LOVE them! Did you get anything else different in your organic basket? We don't have those as an option here.

  3. I can't wait to see what you make!! We've already cut up all the strawberries and have them frozen. That was the deal of the day.

    I do not like the texture of artichokes. I'm glad someone likes them. Talk to Kristi, you could probably score a few more. :)

    Hey, we're starting Great in 8 at exercise....want to try again?? :)

  4. I have tried and tried to figure out how to order the baskets on the Bountiful Baskets website, but I can't. I have even tried to contact them for help, but have gotten no response. If you have any suggestions as to what my next move sould be, I would appreciate the help.

  5. Lynnutte - Have you tried with the new website? They changed over a month ago or so. If you want you can give me a call & I can talk you through it... or come on over & we can order yours through mine. :) I hear Shelley just opened a drop site. You would love it! Let me know how I can help to get you started!