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Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 Canning and Preserving!

I love doing home canning, preserving food we've grown or that's grown nearby and having it all available to use during the winter.  I remember canning after school in the fall with my Mom.  It was by her side that I learned how to slip the skin off of a peach, cut corn off the cob, and carefully put lids on jars.  Even as a small child I was allowed to assist by mixing the sugar syrup to pour over fruit, or washing the jars.  (I felt so important doing that as Mom told me my hands were just the right size to fit in the jar!)  My Mother learned her canning skills from my Grandma (my Dad's Mother)... and I'm sure she learned to can alongside her mother.   Often when I'm standing with my girls at the sink or stove during canning season, I feel a strong connection with my ancestors.... strong, good women who worked hard to preserve food for their families out of necessity.  No running to Walmart for pre-packaged food for them!  I am honored to carry on this heritage.

All the nostalgia aside, I've been looking forward to this particular post because it means canning season is finished!  Yesterday my oldest daughter Audra, my daughter-in-law Brianna and I canned 40 pints of tomato Salsa.  I finished up the last of my peaches and pears this morning, and though there may be some apples to dry and juice, or a few pumpkins to bake & freeze for pie, the majority of this years canning is DONE!  Happy Day!  :)  I can put away all the canning paraphernalia and reclaim my kitchen for daily cooking!

Each year the amounts of canning are different.  Everything depends on what I have left on my shelves from the previous year, and how well the garden produces or how inexpensively I can acquire fruits we don't grow ourselves (like peaches and pears).  This has been a good year.  The only thing I didn't do that I thought I would, is pickled green beans... and that was mainly because my dill went old and dry before I was ready do do them.  BUT  I still have 13 quarts on the shelf from last year and that is plenty!

Here's the tally sheet:


Dill Pickles                      18 quarts
Green Beans                   61 1/2 quarts
Apple Sauce                    51 quarts  plus 12 pints
Pears                             12 quarts
Minted Pears                    3 1/2 quarts
Peaches                          39 quarts
Diced Peaches & Pears        6 pints
Salsa                               40 pints
Apple Pie Filling                  6 quarts
Apple Butter                     11  half pints
Currant Jelly                     10 half pints
Plum Jelly                         11 half pints
Pickled Beets                    4 1/2 pints
Refrigerator Pickles              1 gallon

Roasted Green Chile's          20 lbs
Corn                                  54 2 1/2 C. bags
Peas                                    8 Cups
Pea Pods                              4 Cups
Shredded zucchini                  4  2-Cup containers
Raspberry Jam                     20 pints
Strawberry Jam                    15 pints
whole raspberries                  3 Cups


11 sliced zucchini

What about that!  I'm pretty pleased with this years' canning and preserving.  My shelves are full, and I've been borrowing jars to finish up.  A few of my apple tree's are just waiting for a good frost to be ready, and then I'll dry cinnamon apple slices and possibly do some fruit leather.   It feels good to be so close to done!

I am blessed to live in an area and be in a position to grow a large garden.  In another month we'll dig over 100 pounds of potatoes, 20-30 pounds of carrots, about a dozen winter squash, a few pumpkins and around 10 lbs of onions to store in our storage room through the winter. 

Now....  with all that done, I'm ready to go out do dinner so I don't have to cook & clean up for a change!  :)  Whew!

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  1. Wow all that canning and freezing is amazing..good for you. You will appreciate all this goodness in winter.
    Love the look of your blog.