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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How do you Butter your Corn?

I love corn on the cob, fresh out of the garden, barely ripe and so tender!  None of that tough, waxy corn at the store for me.  Corn on the cob season is winding down in our garden.  Still one more variety of corn that is coming on, but it may freeze before it's ready.

I love my corn on the cob with lots of butter and salt and pepper!  I always thought everyone buttered corn on the cob just the way my family did it when I was growing up.  I'm finding that isn't the case!

To butter our corn, we set a fresh, cold, cube of butter on a plate and then roll each ear of corn on the top.  It melts so wonderfully and is quick and easy to cover the entire ear.  Mmmm!   I know some people use a knife with a pat of butter on it and slide that over the corn, and we used to use a nifty little gadget called a corn on the cob butterer.  But, we much prefer the ease of simply rolling our corn on the whole cube of butter. :)  Who needs a gadget?   It does make an interesting shape on your butter cube, but if you set that aside JUST for buttering corn, it's no problem!

I just finished freezing some corn from our garden.  I saved a couple of ears out for my lunch.... and you can bet I rolled them in that butter long enough that it drips off.  Mmmm!   (and you can bet that I ate it in neat, 3-4 row sections, from left to right .....   but HOW you eat your corn on the cob is probably a whole 'nother post!)



  1. I grew up just using the knife, but it takes forever & is such a pain! When I married Jacob, I learned the bread trick. Just stick some butter on a piece of bread. The bread wraps nicely around the corn, spreading butter to every kernel without the mess! :)

  2. Corn on the cob butter-er changed my corn world. As you can see, it's easy to rock my little world. :)

    Are you EVER coming back to humanitarian days?????????????? we miss you. and your good food. ;)

  3. Anna - I've heard of the bread method but never actually seen it done... may have to try it.

    Des! - I've missed humanitarian days. Lately canning has been getting in the way of life. :) I'll be back. I miss being around adults!

  4. We must have gone to the same class on how to butter and eat your corn!! I too like to make crazy ridges in the butter by running the ears on the whole square. We also had the corn butterer contraption growing up (ours was extra deluxe because it had a salt shaker built in to the top part, yeehaw.) Really once you butter it you must eat it typewriter style. I think I better make our last few ears from Bountiful Baskets tomorrow for lunch, you've made me crave it :)

  5. I love to roll my corn in the butter! You know it Joy!