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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garden and Canning Update

We've been planting and tending our garden for the past 2 months waiting for harvest time.  It's HERE!  :)  In the past week we've been busy, busy, busy canning and freezing!   Dad and Mom were amazing and let me have a picking off their raspberry patch a few days ago.  5 hours picking those berries!  I'm not sure how many berries are in a traditional flat, but I'd venture to guess we got at least 4 or more flats.  Those ruby red jars of raspberries sure look beautiful on my pantry shelf!  (it might be hard to let people eat them!)

In the last week we have:

frozen 12 cups of peas
bottled 14 quarts of raspberries
frozen 9 quarts of raspberries
made 3 batches of raspberry freezer jam
bottled 16 quarts and 17 pints of green beans

We are eating fresh:

summer squash (crookneck and zucchini)
green beans
red potatoes
swiss chard
Cucumbers are starting to come on and I notice there are two nice sized eggplant that are ready to use.

Today I picked the last of the peas.  Tonight we'll have creamed new potatoes & peas with our dinner.  Yum!

Dad invited me to another picking of raspberries tomorrow. (if the rain we're having at the moment doesn't knock them all off!)

We are so blessed to have such bounty available to us!  Wish you were all close enough to come enjoy a garden meal with us.... there's not much better!

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  1. MMMMMM green peas and new potatoes wish I wasn't on low carb right now.