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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Past (or in this case, REPAST)

Okay....  so this treat platter hardly constitutes repast, however, we ate enough of it to count it as a meal a few times.   This was a fun year for cookies and candy.  I had a lot of help from Dave and the kids.  Dave is the Fudge King around here.  I've never made a batch in my life... he does a fabulous job!   The caramels are a recipe from Dave's Grandpa.  They turned out soft and chewy, just as I like them!

Going around clockwise - starting at "12"... and not counting the caramel chocolate dipped pretzel sticks...

Christmas Sugar Cookies
Cracker Toffee
Chocolate Nut and Craisin Clusters
Peanut Butter Fudge
Snowballs (better known as Mexican Wedding Cookies)

Dave's fudge was done in a mini pie tin and is in the center of the tray wrapped in red cellophane.  This was my first year having success with pralines.  They were FABULOUS if I DO say so myself. (and I DO!)  We also made pinwheel cookies dipped in chocolate.

Those Christmas Sugar Cookies remind Dave of his favorite Christmas song this year...   You'll have to check it out and see if you've heard it before...   Christmas Cookies - by George Straight .

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get cracking posting some healthier food.! 

Happy New Year!

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  1. I need to get your divinity recipe mom used to make that all the time and I have been missing it lately.