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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Family Goal

Last week we let the children (who still live here at home) suggest their ideas for family goals for the year.  I was pretty impressed with the ideas they came up with!  In fact, there were so many good ones, we decided to have 3 goals.   The goal connected with the picture posted above is last (but not least).... but I'm going to list all of our goals and be accountable to more than my family at home.

1.  Get up 10 minutes earlier so we can read scriptures in the morning.  (evenings are sometimes hectic and we were struggling to be together to read) .... This would not have been my choice for a goal!  I have a hard time getting up in time to wake the kids for school as it is!  However, the past week the kids have popped right out of bed and gathered in the living room to read.  AWESOME! 

2.  Have a Family Home Evening Chart.  We're pretty good at having FHE, but I tend to give the lessons & choose the treat and only assign out the scripture, prayer and songs.  The kids really want to help give lessons and do treats so - I'll be making a chart for that shortly.  So many options of HOW to do it, I'm having a hard time getting a decision made and starting it.

Number 3 is the goal I got crafty enough to create this post about.  McKay, who's 16, thought it would be fun to do secret kindnesses for each other all year.  The others chimed right in, in agreement!  During Christmas, we have a stuffed Christmas Bear that we use for this - if we do a kindness for someone - that bear gets put on that persons bed and then it is that persons turn to do a kindness.  So much fun through the holidays, I agree that it is a terrific goal for the year!  However.... the kids suggested a "monster" instead of a Christmas Bear.  I thought we needed a chart in easy sight to remind us if it is our turn.  So - I used things I had around the house to make our Kindness Chart.

Kindness Kritter could have been a little better thought out - but he ended up pretty cute considering who made him.  LOL  I used yarn, a stray pair of Mr Potato Head eyes (the rest of Mr Potato Head had been lost long ago), and some sports buttons I had on hand.  I had trouble finding something for the base of the chart - then remembered some old children's books that we were throwing out. (not in good enough shape to pass on to someone else)  Hot glued together and covered with paper, this worked perfect!  I used a 7x6 piece of metal I've had hanging around several years for the center and glued a magnet on the back of our little Kritter. 

All in all this project cost me nothing out of pocket at the moment.....   and if you're wondering how this pertains to Joy In The Kitchen, the kitchen is where our little Kritter reminder resides!  I hope Kritter grows weary from being moved from name to name this upcoming year.

Not everything happening in the kitchen is food related, right?!  

Good luck with YOUR New Years family goals!  

Here's a picture that shows you many of the reasons I spend so much time in the kitchen.....   please excuse the 6am Christmas Morning fashions.  :)  They are a beautiful bunch, aren't they?!

(This is my entire family minus my youngest grandson who was still sleeping, and my husband and I - someone has to take the pictures!)

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  1. What awesome ideas! And I totally love your board & your critter - he's cute! If you want an easy fix to your FHE board, I found one @ Deseret Book for under $10. It's a chalkboard, it's cute & I didn't have to add it to my list of things to make!!!