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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Peachy!

Look at that beautiful peach!  A few years ago we decided to risk planting a peach and pear tree.  We're a bit cool for these trees to thrive in our area, but we have neighbors who've successfully grown peaches so we thought we'd give it a try.   This year our little tree produced 2 peaches.  One of those were low enough for the little boys to reach.  So sad the day they proudly brought that little, green peach in to show me.  However, THIS peach was high in the tree.  Safe from curious, helpful, 3&4 year-old boys. 

Tonight I checked and this beautiful peach looked ready to pick!  After taking pictures as proof of our peach-growing skills, I peeled and then carefully sliced it in to 6 slices.  We each enjoyed a nice fresh peach slice grown in our own Idaho yard!   Excited to see if it will produce a few more peaches next year!

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