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Monday, October 1, 2012

Harvesting the Garden

We've had a beautiful, mild fall this year!  Only one light frost in August and then some wonderfully warm days that allowed the garden to produce several weeks past what we usually expect.  I am especially thankful for extra tomatoes!  I've had enough to do 24 pints of salsa and 7 quarts of tomatoes so far.  I'll get another 7 quarts of tomatoes at least off of what is ready tomorrow.

There is a freeze forecast in a couple of days.  Time to bring in produce that I want to keep.  Today the kids helped and we picked ripe tomatoes, all the green/red peppers, tomatillo's, green chili's, yellow squash, zucchini, pumpkins, cantaloupe, and winter squash.   We dug all of the onions and set them out on a tarp to set the skins and let them dry.

We are so blessed this year with a great harvest!  I took pictures of some of it to share with you.  I was AMAZED at the size on a couple of the onions and green peppers.  Hate to even cut into them and spoil their size and beauty.  BUT, who am I to deny a vegetable of fulfilling its purpose?  ~ grin ~

Look at the size of these onions and peppers!  That's a softball for comparison!   One of these stuffed peppers would be dinner for two!

Jaylyn was impressed with the size of this onion as well.  She wondered if Grandpa might like to eat THIS onion like an apple as he claims to have done as a kid. :)  Well Grandpa?  Or maybe an onion sandwich?   Me - I think I'll borrow Mom's cutter and make us a bloomin' onion out of this beauty!

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