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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Grandma Cookie Jar

Dave's Grandma Evelyn was an amazing baker.  When Dave and I were first dating he took me by Grandma & Grandpa's to introduce me.  The first thing he did after a quick "hello" was take me to the kitchen to show me Grandma's cookie jar.  It wasn't a particularly fancy container, in fact, it was a large tin can that she had made a cover for with plastic canvas.  The special thing about Grandma's cookie jar though, was that it ALWAYS held cookies!  She was always ready for grandchildren to visit.  Most of the time she'd have bags of chocolate chip cookies in the freezer so if company came unexpectedly she could thaw them quickly and fill her cookie jar.  That first time we visited I was appalled to see my future husband take a large handful of cookies to eat as we left!  I came to find Grandma expected him to enjoy her cookies like that.  She made those cookies with love and they were eaten with love in return.


There was a plaque on Grandma's wall that read:

Some Grandma's ride in limousines,
Wear fine clothes and pretty rings,
But my Grandma's best by far,
Because she has a cookie jar!

Apologies to whomever gave her that plaque, but it now hangs on the wall in my home. :)  Dave claims ownership due to the quantity of cookies he ate growing up.

I've wanted for years to be the cookie Gramma.   Dave knew I'd been watching for the perfect Gramma Cookie Jar and he found one for me for Christmas this year!  Today I filled it to the brim for the first time!  (I've baked cookies other times, but as I still have 4 of my own children at home the cookies disappear faster than I can fill the jar!)  Luckily I have 2 grandchildren visiting today so I can claim Cookie Gramma status.  

Grandma McKinnon usually baked her special Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I love her recipe and my daughter Audra has posted it on the blog HERE.  However, today I used some frozen cookie dough pucks from Alison's Pantry.  They are Cookie Tree brand and they are really good!  They're large and stay so soft.  I love being able to bake just as many as I need whether that's 12 for lunches tomorrow or 45 to fill the cookie jar.

When I was a little girl I remember my own Grandma Bolander having cookies in a drawer in her kitchen.  Hers were always from the store.  Usually Pecan Sandies or Wafer Cookies.  I loved getting permission to get a cookie out of the drawer to take outside and eat.  My Mom now has a cookie drawer and Wesley is forever getting cookies when he goes to visit.

Interesting how a jar of cookies helps me feel so connected to special grandmothers in my past.  Ready to carry on the tradition!  Gramma Joy - Cookie Gramma! 


  1. Well now I want cookies too!

  2. Awww! A sweet treat and a sweet story. My favorite memories was of my Grandpa always stealing all our grandkids cookies out of my grandma's cookie jar! Pricelss treasured memories!

  3. I loved Great Grandma's cookie jar! That seemed to be important to her too because I remember her being mostly blind, but still having cookies baked and in her cookie jar.

  4. I love the saying on the Plaque. Can I steal it and use it for my craft signs???? I love that it is handwritten. I can scan handwriting in and then program it in CorelDraw so it will engrave on my Laser.

  5. You bet Darlene! I've always loved that little sign - and her chocolate chip cookies. :) Love the work you've been doing with your laser - very creative!