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Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Garden Harvest

Look at these adorable garden helpers!

The weather is cooling and was forecasting rain for the weekend so last week we harvested quite a few of our onions.  We are blessed to live in an area where temperatures and humidity allow us to store produce for several months in our garage once it's harvested.   These onions will be set out to let the outer skin and tops dry up and then we'll put them in mesh bags and hang them in the garage to store.  Most years I've been able to keep them in usable condition until March or April.  Once in a while I have to put a heater in the garage at night if the temperatures are getting below zero, but most of the time they're okay.

Wes and Ben helped pull the onions and put them in the garden cart.  They did a good job and were amazed at the huge onions!

Soon it will be time to dig potatoes and carrots.  We'll keep the carrots in coolers and potatoes in burlap bags in the garage for the winter as well.  

Love the ability to grow and enjoy our own harvest!