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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mexican Corn on the Cob

Yum!  If you live nearby and go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair or if you've gone to the corn maze in Blackfoot, you may have had Mexican Crazy Corn.  It is delicious!  This is similar.  Essentially you're coating corn on the cob with mayonnaise and Cotija cheese.  They offer chili lime and another seasoning to sprinkle on and I love the chili lime...  just a little though.

Our garden still has a few nice ears of corn left in the patch and that's what we used tonight.   If you still have corn on the cob available near you - give this delicious twist a try!

Mexican Corn on the Cob

Husk as many ears of corn as you'd like to serve.  

Boil corn on the cob for about 8-10 minutes.  Remove and pat dry.  

Spread each ear of corn with a generous amount of mayonnaise (not salad dressing!) and then spoon grated Cotija cheese on each ear of corn until it is completely covered.  It should be fairly heavy.  

Sprinkle with chili lime seasoning or salt and pepper if you'd like.

Have plenty of napkins ready as you enjoy this!  Yummmy!   The Cotija cheese is in most grocery stores.  The store I shopped at today had the small rounds of cheese as well as bags of grated.  The grated was actually cheaper per ounce!  Bonus!  Save time AND money!  Right up my alley!

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