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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easy Peach Dessert

This fun little dessert is so simple, easy, and tasty we should have it more often!  Mom always bought bushels of fresh peaches and canned them in quarts at home and they were in the most beautiful little halves.  Just lovely!  They were good all by themselves, but once in a while, especially if the milk cow was giving a lot of cream that needed used, Mom would make these for dessert.

I just had cool whip when I made these this time, but to do it justice, you should have freshly whipped, sweetened cream that smothers the whole thing.  YUM!  

Easy Peach Dessert

Per person:

1 full graham cracker broken in half so you have 2 squares
1 peach half
syrup from canned peaches
whipped cream

In each individual bowl place one graham cracker half, then the peach half with the cut side down, then top with the second graham cracker half.  Spoon a few spoonfuls of the peach syrup (from the can/bottle of peaches) over the top and then generously top with whipped cream!

If you let it set a minute the graham cracker softens nicely and the whole thing is delicious!


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