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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fun April Fools Ideas

It's almost time again for April Fools Day!  I'm not a big believer in mean or hurtful pranks, but in our household a few little surprises or twists here and there are a lot of fun!!!   Generally I don't allow things that make a mess or hurt feelings.  Here are a few of the fun FOOD pranks we've done the past few years.....   I can't use them again very soon, but YOU CAN!

These pranks are all quality tested in my own home.  :)    My 8 year old son was looking over my shoulder as I was putting this post together and he said "That was so fun!  Can we do it again this year?"  I had to explain that surprise is the best part of the fun... but I'd better get on the ball and find a fun surprise for him!   Maybe THIS year my April Fools Surprise will be doing NOTHING!   They'd be able to enjoy it all day!  

Click through each link to see more pictures and details on our April Fools Fun.   

I'd love to have you share your April Fools Fun ideas with me!  Feel free to share in a comment what your family has been surprised with!

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