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Friday, August 27, 2010

Reaping the Harvest - Chicken Vegetable Soup

I LOVE wandering through the garden this time of year and gathering ingredients for dinner, and luckily it's cool enough today to make Chicken Vegetable Soup!  Our garden got a late start this year due to weather and a busy schedule, but it's going gangbusters now!    The other day I canned 19 1/2 quarts of green beans (which gives me 60 quarts and 21 pints on the shelf) and 7 quarts of dill pickles (bringing me up to 35 jars of dills).  Tomorrow we'll be doing lots of applesauce.  I only have 20 quarts left and we go through 1 1/2 quarts at a time, so I'm hoping to get 70-80 quarts of applesauce this year.  I should probably pick & can green beans again tomorrow as well.... I might just check & see if they'll hold off until Monday.

Oops, a little side tracked there. :)  Back to dinner....

Last night we had roast chicken, so today, I'll use what's left of that, simmer & debone, and I'll wander through my garden to add:  potatoes, carrots, onion, zucchini, tomatoes, and a little swiss chard.... there might even be some corn I could add!  I'll toss the vegetables (diced), broth, chicken, and some chicken soup base in the crockpot.  Depending on how that tastes, I might cut some thyme from McKay's herb garden to flavor it.  I've got a loaf of homemade french bread in the freezer that will go great with this soup!

McKay (my 14 year old son) has a cross country race this afternoon.  It will be WONDERFUL to come home from that race, right at dinnertime, to a hearty meal that's all ready for us.  Easy, economical, and delicious!

Dessert tonight will be rich, moist, Zucchini Brownies!!!   YUMMY!


  1. Did you use one of your chickens too? If so that's pretty much a storeless meal, minus the salt & chicken soup base.

  2. Well, well, look who's back to posting. :) Please DO get sidetracked...I'm not canning at all this year so I enjoy keeping up with everyone else's progress.

    Jan from FF

  3. Jan - I'm easily side tracked. lol

    Audra - I still can't eat those chickens we butchered yet. Give me a few weeks. :)

    This soup did turn out great. Mmmmm!!!